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The Hunt: A hilarious comedy that has political messages but lots of violence and language

The Hunt was a movie that critics had waited months for. Why? Because by the looks of the film from trailers around the world, it was looking to be highly offensive and one-sided. The question is, was it really that bad? Let's find out.

The Hunt is about a group of liberal elites who decide to turn a joke into reality by hunting 12 right-winged conservatives at a place known as the Manor. All is going well until the tables turn when Crystal (Betty Gilpin) and Gary (Ethan Suplee) escape and try to find out what is going on, taking down anyone and anything that gets in their way of the truth. With vague knowledge of where they are and what is happening, will Crystal and Gary be able to get back to their daily lives, or will the "liberal elite" hunters get to them first? Watching the trailers for the movie had the entire world thinking this movie was a much bigger problem than it actually was. That alone made audiences worry about what was going to be seen and heard on the screen. The movie was criticized so much, Donald Trump decided to say his part by saying how terrible Hollywood is for letting a movie like this be made. These allegations were from the trailer itself, so the movie was expected to be highly one-sided, but they did a very good job by keeping the two sides equal in stupidity. First off, the movie was absolutely hilarious! I was laughing all the way through, and I never stopped. The producers added in an abundance of political jokes that are so relatable to today's society, so seeing our world played for laughs on-screen was hysterical. That being said, I have to commend whoever wrote the script because it was really phenomenal. An interesting concept that was played out on screen was having all the characters be from different places around the country, which made the film 100 times better for seeing the hilarious interpretations from people from all sides of the country. To act in a way that is different than your lifestyle, they need to have excellent and seasoned acting skills to be able to pull off a completely different way of life, and that's exactly what made the hunt so interesting. The actors did so well, that I really believed that by their actions and the way they talked, they were really from the place the characters are supposed to be from. The Hunt got a well-deserved R rating for extreme violence, including gun violence, impaled bodies, beating to death, death by a car, stabbing, death by bow and arrow, and a fight scene that turns deadly. As well as violence, there is also lots of language with f-bombs used frequently, along with s**t, b*tch, hell, and other swear words. There was no sexual content other than one joke about getting a girl pregnant and hoping she got an abortion. My age rating for the movie would be 14+, taking into account the level of violence in the film and the excessive language used. I rate The Hunt 4.5 out of 5 stars for being hilariously relatable with an excellent story, but just needed a few more laughs to be a complete 5 stars.

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