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Table 19: A totally underrated movie that has joy, friendship, and self-discovery throughout

I had not heard of this movie until recently, so I decided to check it out, and it was totally worth the watch! Table 19 is about Eloise (Anna Kendrick), who gets invited to her ex-boyfriend's sister's wedding and is seated at Table 19, the table that turns out to be reserved for "the random people." The other five people she gets seated with seemed to have been forgotten or hated by the bride and groom and were invited for the most obscure reasons. After getting to know each other, secrets and struggles start to be revealed...struggles that could ruin relationships, and secrets that could bring about new revelations. When six people are brought together by chance, will they help each other through this tough time, or are more surprises in store than expected? First off, the reviews for this movie were more negative than positive solely for the storyline, but I highly disagree with all of those. The storyline was excellent to watch play out, with different people dealing with various personal struggles, who all came to the wedding with different motivations for being there, which made for some pretty hilarious comedy! The cast was absolutely excellent, with award-winning actress Anna Kendrick, known for her role in the film Pitch Perfect, and Lisa Kudrow from the 90's sitcom Friends. Although a great cast, the acting failed to impress me on the whole. For example, Wyatt Russel (Teddy, the ex-boyfriend of Eloise) did not give enough emotion when needed. Becky Ann Baker who played the minor role of Carol Milner, mother of the bride, seemed very out of place in her portrayal as the "crazy, drunk mom." So while I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, there was some so-so acting, and a few lackluster jokes, that caused lower ratings and reviews. I never even heard of it until I stumbled upon it on Fandango, so it's as if some people saw it, and then the film was never mentioned again. That being said, Table 19 might come across as a boring film with a common storyline. This film wasn't noticed by the public as much as other films, but if it had a few more twists and turns for the viewers, it might have gotten the attention it deserved. Table 19 got a pg-13 rating for having some language including sh*t and b*tch, and a few sexual jokes, as well as a few scenes with marijuana smoking. The film is generally ok for anyone 11 and up, but ages 11 and 12 might want to watch this with an adult. I give Table 19 4 out of 5 stars for being generally funny and sweet at times, but it was something we've already seen in this day and age and needed a new twist to make the story fresh.

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