• Ethan

Pitch Perfect: Outrageously hilarious, but not much for younger kids in this music-filled comedy.

The Pitch Perfect Franchise is a wonderfully crafted set of musical comedies that impressed the world with its great laughs and heartfelt storylines. In Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick stars as Beca, a self-minded girl who dreams of being an LA DJ, and who is being forced into going to college by her father. When her dad wants her to branch out to "make memories" on the campus, she decides to join the Barded Bellas, an all-girls acapella group that dreams of winning the national title. Unfortunately, the girls recruited this year are less than prepared, leading Beca to believe acapella is a big joke. With unprepared singers, medical issues, and troubles within the group, will the Bellas be able to make it to the finals, or are they in for an unexpectedly bumpy but hilarious ride? Whoever thought to put comedy and college acapella together is a complete genius, because this film is definitely one for the books. The storyline progresses nicely with its ups and downs throughout the movie, leaving the viewers in laughter. The acting was spectacular as all characters did extremely well with making you believe that their sarcastic personality was really who they are. The jokes were undeniably funny and were also bright spirited which is really difficult to find these days in any comedy film. The movie took humor to the next level by incorporating comedy into every character we stumbled upon, no matter how big or small. For instance, each member of the Bellas had to say an oath, which ended up being the most ridiculous oath ever, making that moment hilarious. The idea was pretty phenomenal and made for non-stop laughter. Without a doubt; however, the best part of this movie was the immaculate singing. I recently found out that Anna Kendrick wanted to sing live on set, which is quite amazing! Her ability wowed the world, who thought that she was just another everyday actor. Although the other actors were lip-synching, they were recorded in a studio beforehand, and everyone, in general, can really hit those notes. Pitch Perfect got a PG-13 rating for having some sexual references (some of the jokes are about body parts and sexual relations), and moderately strong language (uses of b*tch, sh*t, d*ck, one use of f*ck, and other minor words including whore, a*s, sl*tbags, crap, hell, and t**s). There is one scene in which Beca gets into the shower, and another character and her boyfriend open the connecting shower curtain, but nothing except the lower back and the very top of the chest are shown. I wouldn't say this classifies as a "hard PG-13", but the language and suggestive comments/jokes and looks can be taken as so, making the film generally ok for anyone 13 and up. As a rating, I give Pitch Perfect 4 out of 5 stars for living up to comedic standards and being a nice watch but it lacks being a bit more tween-friendly as it was marketed towards younger teens/older kids.

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