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Mother!: Beautiful yet confusing film that appeals to the metaphorically minded

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Yes, yes, I know, the title might not make sense, but let me just tell you what I mean by this. First off, Mother! is an R-rated film that stars Jennifer Lawrence as Mother, in which people start entering her house unannounced, and the chaos begins. This movie is highly metaphorical, so that is why I say for the metaphorically minded. Personally, I did not get the movie until a family member finally looked up the ending and explained it to me. Without the metaphors, this movie will absolutely make zero sense, as unexplained things start happening without notice, leaving the viewer speechless and not knowing what to think. Listening to what the characters say is really important because the dialog comes into play at the end. The sensuality in this movie is very limited compared to other R drama/horror films, with only one sexual moment, though nothing is seen. Towards the end, a woman's bare chest is revealed in a non-sexual way (which truthfully could have been avoided...like seriously, it wasn't needed). Other than that, the movie is a great watch, though confusing. As an uncertified rating, I give Mother! 3 out of 5 stars. I hesitate to give it 4 stars because the movie was too confusing for really anyone except for poets (insert eye roll here). Also, some parts were just plain disgusting and revolting. If you want to watch it, you will end up seeing what I mean.

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P.S.-I am so incredibly sorry for the gruesome picture.

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