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Monster's University: A hilarious film that's great for the family

After having seen this enjoyable film multiple times, I can say that this is my favorite animated film of the 2010s. In Monsters Inc., Mike Wasowski (Billy Crystal) wants to make his dream career as a professional scare monster come true, but after making a big mistake, the dean threatens to kick him out, unless he can win the College's annual competition, the Scare Games. Mike teams up with Sully (John Goodman), an egotistical hotshot, and other unlikely accomplices, to show his worth in the scare games. Will Mike be able to win, or will his worst "fears" come true?

Dan Scanlon brings us this masterpiece of an animated film, which proves that a prequel can still be an exemplary film in this day and age When I first saw this, I was genuinely surprised at how this storyline came together so well! Having as many new characters introduced as they did, writers managed to make each character have an appropriate place in the movie, and that none of them were there for no apparent reason. Character placement is crucial for making a film that has an intriguing storyline that is sure to stand out from others. Along with the storyline goes character development, which Monster's University does an excellent job of this is shown especially in the script where it is made clear that all the main characters were changing their feeling about being in college overtime and learned what having true friends really mean.

The acting is definitely superior to other animations. They make sure to keep the original voices from the first movie and make sure that each voice fits the character we see on screen. These two points are what make each character special and unique. They keep the audience feeling all sorts of emotions towards these characters because they were the ones that we had known and loved, which is what the makers of this film wanted to accomplish to make it a big hit!

Finally, we come to likeability and overall emotions. Kids are totally going to love this film! When I was a kid, I found the movie to be hilarious! I remember my mom having to put her hand over my mouth to shut me up in the theater because I was almost in tears from laughing so hard! The script was filled with jokes and funny moments on screen that kept to keep both parents and children entertained! Overall, is going to be extremely enjoyable for children, and will be one to remember!

Monster's University got a PG rating for very minor rude humor and some scary moments. Because this film does revolve around monsters, I can see kids under 5 getting frightened by this, so that's why I say that the movie is ok for anyone 5 and up (4 with a parent or guardian). I give Monster's University 4.8 out of 5 stars for being an incredible children's film, but just needed that extra kick of heartfelt emotion to give it a full 5 stars.

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