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Knives Out: The mystery-thriller-comedy that will have you guessing, but will also have you laughing

I don't know about you guys, but I love a good mystery-comedy, and Knives Out was perfect for me. It had funny jokes, a good mystery storyline, and a great cast including Jamie Lee Curtis and Don Johnson. Knives Out is a mystery about a man (Christopher Plummer) who gets mysteriously killed, and while his family is trying to figure out who did it, people start being more deceiving about what they know, so much so, that everyone becomes a suspect. I had absolutely no idea that the movie would be so hilarious; otherwise, I wouldn't have watched it in theaters where I probably annoyed everyone with my laughter. The plot of the movie turned out better than it looked in the trailers, leading the viewers down a suspenseful road. As the movie goes on, we learn more and more about the characters and how all of the man’s children had a motive to want him dead. Putting a mystery and a comedy together is almost always going to turn out well because many of the characters' stupid decisions lead to great laughs. In the past, we have seen many other mystery comedies just like this one, but they cannot compare to Knives Out. It was such a unique perspective on a "who done it" movie by involving all of the characters in the movie’s main plot and using certain characters and props as “red herrings” to throw us off. With a PG-13 rating for minimal swearing and one suggestive joke, this movie is ok for anyone 11 and up. For my star rating, I give Knives Out 4.5 out of 5 stars for being absolutely hilarious and for the storyline making you want to keep watching, but a few more laughs would have been great to see.

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