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I Still Believe: The emotional story about love and heartbreaks that is sure to bring you to tears

I Still Believe is the amazing true story about Christian singer Jeremy Camp's journey through life as he struggles with family, college, and the girl he loves most, Melissa. Jeremy, being a true believer in Jesus, has his faith tested stronger than ever when his girlfriend (Melissa Lynn) is diagnosed with cancer. This leaves Jeremy in a state of despair, wondering how to (potentially) spend his last months with Melissa. Before I watched I Still Believe, I had absolutely no idea what the story was or what had actually happened to Jeremy Camp, so seeing this for the first time was absolutely heartbreaking. Seeing someone go through that much at one time while away from family, friends, and home is heartbreaking to see. The movie has an excellent message of perseverance and an inspirational theme of never giving up on God. I went to see this one in theaters, and let me tell you that almost everyone there was crying. The one criticism I have about this movie is that certain important aspects were not highlighted as much as they should have been, which is key to having a groundbreaking film. In terms of content appropriateness, I Still Believe did end up with a PG rating for a few tense situations in the hospital, but with no foul language and no explicit scenes, the movie is ok for everyone 5 and up. As for my rating, I Still Believe gets 4 out of 5 stars for it being a great film, but some aspects seemed a bit rushed and others were given too much attention. Overall, I Still Believe is a great film to watch with the family, or if you just want an excellent drama/romance film to watch.

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