• Ethan

Hansel and Gretel: Generally ok, but absolutely terrifying for children due to the twisted storyline

In my 5 years of watching film after film, I've never seen a PG-13 movie be so twisted and torturous at the same time. The twisted storyline makes for a very entertaining film, but it was almost too much for a film marketed to children. Hansel and Gretel is about siblings Gretel (Sophia Lillis) and Hansel (Samuel Leakey) who, after getting kicked out of the house by their mother, are left alone in the woods to live on their own. After stumbling upon a house with an abundance of food, they soon find out that the house belongs to a witch, who has very odd ways of living and is undeniably up to no good. Can Hansel and Gretel escape before the witch does the unthinkable? I didn't really know what to expect when watching the film for the first time, but I definitely wasn't expecting anything that I saw. First up, the acting was extremely forgettable. Sophia Lillis and the witch were watchable, but Samuel Leakey and the mother were absolutely terrible. Using new child actors in a horror film is never a good idea. Facial expressions are screwed up, and the body language is all wrong. Second, the movie is too dark for children, which it was marketed to. I had high hopes for the film being somewhat ok, but the imagery that was portrayed was just too violent and over the top. One scene especially had be shocked which was when an arrow got shot right through the middle of someone's head. Finally, the twist on the original story was bizarre and unnecessary. The beginning was off, and the ending was not at all how the original story ended. Even if the producers did need an alternate ending to make the movie more interesting, what they did was not ok (example: certain characters were twisted into something completely different than what they should have been. Hansel and Gretel got a PG-13 rating for terror and horror. The film is generally ok for anyone 10 and up, but will be too scary for anyone under 10. I give Hansel and Gretel 2 out of 5 stars for being watchable, but is too scary for the audience it was marketed to, and just was to out-of-nowhere to be positively received by the public.

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