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Get Out: Beautiful horror film that is sure to give chills to all who watch

I had stayed away from this film for a long time. I thought that Hollywood had just given the world another inadequate horror movie that was unimpressive, but boy was I wrong. Get Out centers around boyfriend and girlfriend Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) and Rose Armitage (Allison Williams). When Rose takes up Chris to meet her parents, very strange things start happening at the house...but only towards Chris. Chris thinks he's gone crazy, but he might not be, because the longer he's there, the more uncanny things start to get. Chris knows that he's in danger, but no one seems to be helping. Is this all an accident, or is there more to the Armitage family than Rosa is letting on? Horror films that mess with your mind are known to be hit and miss, but this was definitely a hit! I have to applaud the producers and directors for the movie, because making an outstanding mind-bending horror film with little to no scares is extremely difficult, but was executed so well that it got and deserved a 98% from Rotten Tomatoes. The acting was incredible, and although they were mostly actors I've never seen before, they performed with great emotions and intensity. An issue I had with the film, though, was that the main plot was subtly given away too early. They tried to give little hints through certain dialog to the audience, but in doing so revealed a bit too much too early, making the film more predictable than others. I also realized that the trailers aired in theaters and on YouTube made the film seem uncontrollably violent, which would easily push audiences away, but that's not at all the case (we'll get into content farther down). The one other issue I had was how much disrespect for the police was shown not 10 minutes into the film. This was meant to start the big underlying theme of racism, made clear through comments and actions. Get Out got an R rating for frequent language (Many uses of f**c and motherf****r, sh*t, d**k, the "N" word, b*tch, a**hole, b*lls, G*****n, and hell), some sexual content (no actual sex, but some kissing, sexual jokes, and one character claims that people are being held as sexual slaves), some graphic violence (A man is hit over the head, a woman is stabbed in the face (off screen), a man is stabbed in the neck, someone's run over with a car, one character shoots another character and then commits suicide, and we see a medical procedure on the brain. The violence seems like a lot, but this all happens in one part of the film), and there's some casual drinking at a party. I would say that Get Out is appropriate for anyone 14 and up (13 with an adult). I give Get Out 5 out of 5 stars for being an exemplary movie that shows how there's still hope for excellent films to be made in the 21st century.

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