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Game Night: A hilarious comedy that will have you in tears from laughing so hard

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

I watched this one with my mother, and let me tell you, we were dying laughing. If you don't know, Game Night is about a group of friends who get together to play their weekly game night, but this time, the main character's brother hosts it at his place, and his idea of the game night was setting up a fake kidnapping, and first to find the "victim" won. Little did they know but what they thought was the staged kidnapping was actually real. The movie starts out with a good catch up that lets you know how these people even met. The movie had tons of great laughs, and honestly never gets boring. Game Night does get an R rating for the excessive language and one explicit joke, but for a comedy made in 2018, they cut down on the crudeness and still found ways to make it hilarious! The movie is really fine for anyone 11 and up, but knowing that your kids may or may not get the jokes, this one might just be for the teens and adults. The one explicit joke is a story being told about another member of the group which had happened 40 years earlier, so nothing too raunchy was said. Rotten Tomatoes gave this one an 85%, which I think should totally be higher, but that being said, I give Game Night a 4.5 out of 5 stars due to how hilarious it was while not being crass and having a great storyline with many twists and turns. As I said in my last post and ones to come, I hesitate to give a movie 5 stars unless it is really all that because I realize that these movies aren't for everyone and that opinions may differ.

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