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A Simple Favor: An exquisite film that brings about unexpected twists through lies and deception

Book-to-film adaptations have been known to lead to failure, but A Simple Favor proceeded to defy the odds and be a highly rated masterpiece. A Simple Favor is about Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a single mom who tries to be the best parent she can. After meeting Emily (Blake Lively), a mom who is outgoing but very secretive about her own life, a friendship begins to form...or so Stephanie thought. When Emily asks Stephanie for a simple favor, everything seemed normal, until Emily goes missing. When Stephanie starts helping to find her friend, she starts finding things she never knew about Emily, making her believe Emily isn't really missing. The question is, can Stephanie find Emily, or is there more to the story that isn't being revealed? As a movie fanatic, I can say that this movie easily beats most other thriller-mystery movies. The plot line is intriguing with tons of breathtaking turns that leave you thinking, "What just happened"? That being said, the film never gets boring, and may have you coming around for a re-watch! Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively give two outstanding performances in their roles as distraught moms, roles that were clearly meant for these well-seasoned actors. These two have been in many hit movies and TV-shows such as Gossip Girl (Blake Lively) and Pitch Perfect (Anna Kendrick), so knowing their past gives us some reassurance that they know how to act well. One thing I look for in book-to-film adaptations is whether the film can be understood without having read the book. In this case, yes, you are able to watch the movie without getting confused. Doing this makes the movie more enjoyable and not too confusing as it is a mystery, so not understanding what's happening would have you going in circles, giving you a bad experience. I usually don't talk about the script, but it was too good to pass up. Everything they said matched each character's personality so well. There wasn't a moment where I thought I was watching something not worth the while because the script, the acting, and the plot came together so well that it ended up being a masterpiece. The film was more meant for adults as it did get an R rating, but an appropriate age to watch this would be 14 and up due to the excessive language (uses of f**k, sh*t, b*tch, d**k, a*s, a**hole, hell, damn, s**tch, and crap), sensuality without nudity (three short scenes, all of which important to the story line, but nothing was shown except heads and backs. There is also a nude painting that is a big part of the plot), violence (gunshots, running over someone with a car, and a character purposefully hitting themselves with a wrench), and alcohol consumed frequently, but not to the point of drunkenness or intoxication. As a star rating, I give A Simple Favor 4.5 out of 5 stars for being an intriguing story and overall being a great watch, but a few points from the book were taken out of the movie, some of which I think to be important.

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